Monster 2


A fun old-school RPG


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Monster 2 is a Super Nintendo-style RPG boasting an excellent and original story with a gameplay and combat system that will be familiar to anyone who's played this genre before.

The story puts you in the shoes of Eny, an ordinary girl who, overnight, finds herself in an incredible story full of magic, fantastical creatures, and thrilling action.

The fighting, as in most RPGs from the 90s, is turn-based, meaning you have time to think and choose your actions before attacking, casting a spell, or defending yourself.

The graphics in Monster 2 are probably its biggest drawback, but they're also a clear homage to Super Nintendo. And while today it might seem pretty outdated, it's still kind of charming.

Monster 2 is a fun game. If you like Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, or Persona, you'll love this game.

You can only play the first part of the game.

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